Happy New Year, Canada!

Perhaps it only makes sense that I’m writing my first blog post minutes before 2017 – Canada’s sesquicentennial year – arrives in my province of Nova Scotia.

I’m filled with an incredible sense of excitement and optimism for our country, and while Canada’s 150th birthday and the accompanying celebrations have a lot to do with it, I just have the sense that our nation is about to take on a mantle of world leadership far beyond anything we’ve ever anticipated.

And with the whole world watching us, I can hardly think of a better way to kick off this blog than with a song concocted by three Canadian music heavyweights to bid farewell to the ’80s and welcome the ’90s.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Murray McLauchlin, Tom Cochrane and Paul Hyde with “Let The Good Guys Win,” a song the trio performed live on Parliament Hill for the 1990 Canada Day celebrations. Its chorus still resonates with me today:

Ring the old year out, ring the new year in, bring us all good luck, let the good guys win.

Get ready for an amazing year, Canada. Get ready for your year – for our year.


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